Jonatan Baez

Jonatan is a legendary dancer and teacher not only of tango, but of Argentine Folklore. Born in Missiones, he started folklore at the age of 10 and by 16 was dancing with the National Folklore Ballet of Argentina.

Jonatan's path to tango was the result of his experiences in diverse art disciplines: drama theater, physical theatre, contact improvisations, classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance, jazz and of course different styles of Tango with the most recognized masters in the genre. Maestros who influenced Jonatan most were, among others: Carlos Perez, Daniel Miranda, Chidichimo, Gustavo Naveira.

He has obtained numerous awards and fellowships in Argentina. He has been shown in the most prestigious salons of Buenos Aire. Since 2002 he has regularly taught in Europe (Spain, France, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, etc.) and Russia. He has participated in numerous shows, including concerts of the orchestras Bajofindo, Calor Tango, Los Reyes del Tango, in "Tanguera", and as principal dancer in "Che Tango", Café Tortoni , “Senor Tango” and many other shows of Buenos Aires.