The Classes

Each class will be a one and a half hour session, between Thursday 26 and Sunday 29 April. Each class will be limited to 30 participants. All classes will be held at All Saints Anglican Church, 1801 Lorne Avenue. The practica (Saturday night, 7-9pm) will be at Mawson Health and Fitness, 119 105th St East.

Milonga, vals Thursday 7:00-8:30pm (Milonga); 8:45-10:15pm (Vals). Classes 1 and 2. Learn these popular dances. The particularity of milonga and vals rhythms; different ways of walking; circles and spirals in vals, milonga lisa and milonga traspies.

Tango essentials Friday 7.00:8.30pm; Saturday 9:00:10.30am; Sunday 11.30-1am. Classes 3, 5 and 8. The fundamental moves of tango: posture, the walk, ochos, connection, embrace, the cross, caminatas, giros. Suitable for people who have never danced Argentine Tango before; experienced dancers should also take this class too.

Tango enriched Friday 8:45-10:15 pm; Saturday 1-2:30; Sunday 3:00-4:30. Classes 4, 7 and 10. If you know the fundamental moves of tango, or have gone to the tango essentials class, this is for you. It will cover more advanced steps, including ganchos, lapiz, saccadas, boleos, giros, paradas, tomas, barridas and molinetas.

Tango techniques Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm, Class 6. Musicality: phrases and beat; rhythm and Melody; steps and pauses; rhythmical structures (beat, half beat, double beat, syncopation, tritons); different orchestras. Sunday 1:15-2:45pm, Class 9. Giros: natural basis of the circular movements; lead and follow in giros; difference between leading a pivot and leading a giro; how not to be in a hurry; synchronization in the movements of the couple; interesting combinations of giros from the maestros.

  • Weekend Pass: eight ninety minute classes, 3-10: Friday-Sunday $225
  • All Classes: ten ninety minute classes, 1-10 $250
  • Practica Saturday night $30 (included in Weekend and All Classes packages)
  • Each ninety minute class $30

Each class limited to 30 places. Buy now!
Private lessons from Monday 23 April.

Standard prices