Protevangelium Jacobi: An Electronic Edition

Welcome to this electronic Greek edition of the Protevangelium Jacobi. You will need to download the Titus Cyberbit basic font to view it (

To make the most of this edition you may find it helpful to read the introductory documentation that will explain a little of how it was made as well as giving you some background information on the text itself. The introductory material is as follows:

  1. Introduction to the usage and methods of this edition
  2. Introduction to the edition itself, with discussion of the history of the text and the witnesses.

The edition itself is made up of two separate parts:

  1. The full text as given by three manuscripts: includes full transcript of the three manuscripts and collation of the three
  2. Chapter 13 of the text as given in nine manuscripts: includes full transcript of the chapter in all nine and collation of the nine

Click on the hyperlinks to the full text or chapter 13 to see the editions. We hope you enjoy using the edition.


Christopher R. D. Jordan
Alison Sarah Welsby
University of Birmingham
September 2006.